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Last night's RAW scored a 3.4 rating (3.3 / 3.6). There are off air notes from last night's RAW in Las Vegas, NV. The latest RAW Backstage Fallout features CM Punk, Miz, Abraham Washington and more. Smackdown was taped in San Diego, CA tonight.

CM Punk is lobbying for Jim Ross to call his match with John Cena on next week's RAW 1000. Rikishi was happy to have a moment with his sons on RAW. Team Mysterio released a brief clip of Rey Mysterio Jr. backstage at RAW last night. Brock Lesnar is advertised for the RAW following Summerslam, while Chris Jericho doesn't have any advertised appearances after the PPV.

WWE posted the latest episode of WWE Download with Dolph Ziggler. WWE's latest Superstar Toyz features Kelly Kelly and her Beanie Babies collection. Miz will appear at the SiriusXM Celebrity Fantasy Football League kick-off event on Thursday in New York City, NY.

WWE was successful in their lawsuit against Italy's Interactive S.P.A. over unpaid TV and website licensing fees. WWE is again going after Joshua Fisher of the Darien Times for his comments about WWE in relation to Linda McMahon's past. WWE issued a press release on the increase in Tout's popularity following RAW.

Dixie Carter announced TNA signed Austin Aries to a long-term deal. The latest TNA Today features Dixie Carter discussing Austin Aries, Bound for Glory, international markets and more. TNA wrestlers took part in an autograph signing on Saturday at Direct Auto in Memphis, TN. Eric Young's new series Off the Hook will premiere on the Discovery Channel during Shark Week before moving to its regular timeslot on Animal Planet.

Ring of Honor released a promo video with Rhett Titus on being stripped of the tag titles due to Kenny King's departure and his future plans. Ring of Honor released a two disc Jay Lethal DVD set with matches from 2003-05 and 2011-12. Bret Hart will hold a training seminar on August 4 in Nashville, TN.

Joey Ryan posted a new YouTube video noting his support at Money in the Bank. BostonWrestling released a Kamala shoot DVD as a fundraiser to help pay his medical bills. Warrior announced that the doors are now open at Warrior University.

Arda Ocal caught up with Danny Hodge at the Dan Gable Museum in Waterloo, IA, along with Jim Ross and JBL. Arda Ocal interviewed Road Warrior Animal about the Road Warriors' reputation, his son James, and more. Batista told the Huffington Post he's not against going back to WWE but it won't be this year.

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