PWU Quick Results - 4/21 Apr 22 - 09:14 pm EDT

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PWU Quick Results - 4/21

At Pro Wrestling Unplugged’s “Moore Than Enough” on Saturday night, April 21, the stars of PWU brought down the house.

Eddie Kingston started off the night stating he's not here to bury anyone. He had one clear message - whomever holds the PWU World Heavyweight Title at the end of the night, he plans on bringing competition to them. Kingston will make his PWU in-ring debut June 16.

In an interesting side note, Derek Sabato has also joined PWU as an in-ring official, refereeing the first contest between Z-Barr and Pete Hunter.

“The Complete” Pete Hunter with his mentor “The REAL Pitbull” Gary Wolf were able to take out Z-Barr.

To determine the number one contenders to the PWU Tag Team Titles, THE SAT took care of The Angus Brother and the Bosum Buddies of Teddy Fine & Drew Blood. But The SAT let everyone know they are not happy with losing the Tag Titles without even getting pinned…and took out their anger on the fans in Philadelphia.

The Hatchet Boyz, Corporal Robinson & 2 Tuff Tony defeated the debuting Iron Saints, Sal and Vito Thomaselli, by DQ after Brandon Thomaselli interfered.

Luke Hawx took on Aramis and Lucky in a fast paced, high-impact match up, taking a solid victory to regain recent lost ground and to declare his own intentions to step up his level of competition in Philadelphia.

Amy Lee tried to call out Johnny Kashmere, but Annie Social answered instead saying if Lee didn't leave the ring, she wouldn't get paid. Amy’s response was to beat down the PWU Executive Vice President.

Brandon Thomaselli defeated Ricochet & Chuck Taylor in an awesome match up of three amazing competitors making their PWU debut.

The PWU Tag Titles were retained by champions All Money Is Legal against the debuting Bloodline, Billy Blade and Michael Rayne. But The SAT came back out to BEAT DOWN All Money Is Legal.

Dameon Slugga holds on to the $1000 grand prize in the Slugga Grand Slam Challenge, as even the recently fired KJ Hellfire came in with a purchased ticket and was subsequently beat down by Slugga when he almost slammed the big man.

In the Barbed Wire Table Match, the deaf Zach McGuire was declared the winner against the one-legged Zach Gowen and Johnny Kashmere. As Kashmere tried to pick apart the unique challenges Gowen & McGuire face, he ended up finding himself the victim of his own barbwire table with McGuire receiving the pin after a splash off the top of the scaffold and an assist from Gowen.

Trent Acid defeated Messiah, but with aid from a video on the New Alhambra Tron by the devious Adam Flash, distracting Messiah enough for Trent Acid to sneak away a victory.

Devon Moore retained the PWU World Heavyweight Title against Ricky Reyes and Joker. But after Reyes was eliminated from the match, he held down Joker’s foot behind the back of the referee and Devon Moore to assist with Joker’s loss. What is next for Joker and Reyes? And who is next in line for a PWU World Heavyweight Title shot?

PWU returns to action on Saturday, May 19. For all the latest, visit where you can also sign up for the PWU mailing list.

Quick Results:

"The Complete" Pete Hunter def Z-Barr

The SAT def The Bosom Buddies and The Angus Brothers

The Hatchet Boyz versus The Iron Saints ended in a No Contest

Luke Hawx def Aramis and Lucky

Brandon Thomaselli def Ricochet and Chuck Taylor

(c)All Money Is Legal def Bloodline

Zach McGuire def Johnny Kashmere

Trent Acid def Messiah

(c)Devon Moore def Joker and Ricky Reyes

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